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Concrete mixes are as varied as the uses for concrete itself. White Cap Ready-Mix has a variety of well-proportioned mixes that utilize quality controlled locally produced cement, well-graded coarse and fine aggregates and innovative admixtures for a proven durable concrete.

General Use Mixes

General use mixes focus on durability and ease of use in sidewalks, curbs and gutters, aprons, driveways, patios, sports courts and other projects exposed to the weather. Color and fiber reinforcement can be added to further enhance these mixes.

Custom Mixes

Custom mixes are general mixes adapted for unique projects by using other special admixtures or methods of placement. These include pump mixes and stamp mixes.

Gunite and Shotcrete

Gunite and shotcrete are used for swimming pools, ponds, slope stabilization and tunnel lining.

Spec Mixes

Spec mixes are prepared for special projects in accordance with the specifications provided. Submittals for review by engineers, architects or others require back up by trials batches and or field testing.

Masonry Grout

Masonry grout mixes are for use in reinforced block.

Lean Slurry

Lean Slurry mixes are used for backfilling trenches, postholes and drainage reinforcement.

Outpak Washout

Portable, EPA friendly solution for containment of hazardous construction site washout materials such as concrete sediment. Not only are Outpak Washouts portable, they are also easy to set up and cost effective.


Materials purchased are locally produced in Northern California and Nevada when possible. The aggregates are certified in compliance with ASTM C33-90 in addition to other specifications.  Admixtures can be added to the concrete including fiber reinforcement, color, waterproofing, corrosion resistance, accelerators, plasticizers, and others for ease of placement and workability.

White Cap Ready-Mix proudly uses materials from the following suppliers:

Davis Colors - http://www.daviscolors.com
Fibermesh - http://fibermesh.com
Martin Marietta Materials  - http://www.martinmarietta.com/products/aggregates.asp
Nevada Cement  - http://www.nevadacement.com
Outpak - http://outpak.com/concrete-washout/
W R Grace - http://www.na.graceconstruction.com
Xypex - http://www.xypex.com

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