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White Cap Ready-Mix has the perfect product for home improvement use. In fact, " Finisher’s Friend" mix is designed with the DIY in mind, and is a proven mix with well graded aggregates, a liberal dose of cement, air entrained for durability, and uses local materials designed to be friendly to the finisher and crew. Finisher’s Friend is a proven durable concrete product that is green-friendly, and a practical choice for any DIY home improvement project.

For the homeowner, concrete projects can add beauty, value and utility to the home. That’s why it is important to use quality concrete products for the construction of your job. Whether building a sidewalk, curb, or patio, concrete is a solid investment with a lasting effect.

Before you get a price on concrete, here is a guide to help you determine what kind of mix is best for your project.

What kind of mix do I need?

There are 2 basic mixes: 3/4 or 1" rock or gravel which is usually dumped or “tailgated” out of the back of the mixer truck and 3/8" or 1/2" rock which is usually pumped.

What strength do I need for my project?

You will need to determine the strength of concrete that is needed for your project. Concrete used in any part of of a foundation should conform to the Uniform Building Code. Local laws and ordinances should be obeyed. The minimum strength is usually shown on blueprints for the structure. The minimum strength we deliver is 2000 psi. Concrete that is exposed to the weather here in the Sierra’s should have a minimum of 6 sacks of cement per cubic yard (3000psi)for durability in our climate.

How many yards do I need?

Take your measurements and then use our calculator to help determine how much you will need. Some concrete will remain in the truck and/ or pump, so don’t forget to order a little extra to make sure you have enough.

How do I decide if I need a pump?

There are three ways to move concrete from the ready-mix truck to the forms on your project:

  1. Place it using the trucks chutes (tailgate method), which extend about 12’-16’ from the back of the truck (you will need about 14’ overhead clearance and 12’ width for the truck).
  2. Pump it using a line pump that stretches the line out on the ground or boom pump which uses an overhead crane to extend the line to the form. We can schedule either type of pump when you order concrete.
  3. Wheelbarrow or other bucketing method can be used to transfer concrete to the forms. These methods will usually incur stand-by time on the mixer. One cubic yard weighs approximately 4000 pounds. If our truck crosses your property line we will not be liable for property damage.

What can I do to prevent cracking?

Concrete shrinks during the hydration process and can have a tendency to crack if too much water is added. This is called shrinkage cracking. Pea gravel mixes have a greater tendency to shrinkage cracking due to high water content. Adding fiber reinforcement can reduce shrinkage cracking and increase the durability. To increase workability ask for plasticizer to increase slump (flowability) rather than adding water to the load.

Do you form and finish the concrete?

No, we are a ready mix concrete supplier. You or your concrete contractor prepare the job, we deliver the concrete and your workers do the rest.

Figuring concrete quantities, determining the right product and method of placement for DIY home improvement projects can be difficult. Use the concrete calculator on the right, and call one of our two locations: Chester / Almanor, and Portola.

White Cap Ready-Mix only uses the highest standard of material suppliers and recommends the following companies for any do-it-yourself projects.

Davis Colors - http://www.daviscolors.com
Fibermesh - http://fibermesh.com
Martin Marietta Materials  - http://www.martinmarietta.com/products/aggregates.asp
Nevada Cement  - http://www.nevadacement.com
W R Grace - http://www.na.graceconstruction.com
Xypex - http://www.xypex.com

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